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1. Mission:


- Research, design and implement pilot productions of automation equipment, collapsible equipment, environmental equipment, measuring devices in laboratories and pumping station projects...

- Cooperate in research, deployment of test production and integration of automation equipment with domestic and foreign organizations.

2. Organizational structure:

Formation of 2 specialized sections:

- Department of automation

- Department of environmental equipment

3. Ongoing plan:

- Research equipment and technology to support the management and control of pumping  stations.

- Studying air and water environment treatment systems for Vietnamese craft villages.

- Research to improve efficiency by selecting the optimal point when changing the number of revolutions for 1000m3 / h and 2500m3 / h pumps.

- Researching on switching solutions for big pumping  stations by Tristor

- Application and finalization of Scada control and monitoring technology for the focal system.

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