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1. Mission:


- Theoretical and empirical research on the hydraulic regime of suction tanks, discharge tanks, reasonable technological solutions for pumping station works and different types, structures of station works for topographical areas featured.

- Research cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations.

- Research, renovate and upgrade existing pumping stations in the direction of saving, efficiency and modernity.

2. Organizational structure:

Formation of  two specialized divisions:

- Department of hydraulic engineering

- Department of Structural Engineering

3. Ongoing plan:

- Research to improve the calculation of the number of reasonable pumps in a pumping station

- Research to improve the efficiency of the pump operation at the two ends of the plant for 6 large pumping stations in Nam Dinh province by structural measures.

- Researching sedimentation prevention at the water intake of irrigation pumping stations.

- Researching station construction for pumps to get water for aquaculture in coastal areas.

- Studying and applying shore protection technologies to drainage systems and water intakes.

- Consulting construction (setting up investment projects of construction of works, design and construction of other consulting services) of irrigation construction works.

- Reviewing design standards of pumping station, operation of pumping stations.

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