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1. Mission:


- Research, design and implement pilot production of pumps for agriculture and industry, special pumps ...

- Cooperating in researching, testing the production of pumps with domestic and foreign organizations.

- Manufacture and transfer of research products of pumps, design and installation of starters, integrate  equipment combinations. Application of successful research products into reality.

2. Organizational structure:

Formation of two subjects:

- Department of axial pumping

- Department of centrifugal pumps and inclinded pumps

3. Ongoing plan:

- Research and improve horizontal axial flow pumps and pumping  stations 4000m3 / h

- Studying, designing and manufacturing low water column pumps (H less than 2m) to drain water for coastal plains, treating pumping stations along the Red river when river levels are lower than the designed water levels.

- Research on manufacturing 8000m3 / h horizontal axial flow pumps to replace pump stations with multiple machines.

- Deploying the experimental production into reality of 4000m3 / h pumps, 7000m3 / h pumps of capsule type

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