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Đối tác chiến lược ngành in bạt quảng cáo

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1. Name of institue:
Abbreviation: IPM
2. Head office:
Address: No. 7, lane 95 Chua Boc, Trung Liet ward, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city
Phone: (0243) 853.4842 Fax: (0243) 853.4842
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
3. Directorate:
Director: PhD. Dinh Anh Tuan
Deputy Director: PhD. Tran Van Cong
Deputy Director: MSc. Nguyen Ngoc Thang
4. Establishment decision:
Decision No. 2519 QD-BNN-TCCB dated August 19, 2008
of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development defining
the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure
of the Institute for Pumps and Water resouces machine.
5. Organizational chart:

6. Scope of activities:

1. Pumps, pumping stations and auxiliary equipment of pumping stations

2. Vane hydraulic machines and volumes, equipment in hydraulic systems, water supply and drainage equipment and environment

3. Construction machinery and specialized irrigation equipment

4. Control equipment, measuring devices, equipment opening and closing, lifting and lowering irrigation works

5. Structure, mechanical technology and automation

6. New types of materials for researching and manufacturing all kinds of equipment with corrosion resistance, working in saltwater, erosion, and solutions to protect metal structures;

7. Hydraulic mode and pump characteristics;

8. Types of measuring equipment in service of the research and exploitation of irrigation works, dredging and garbage removal equipment for water intake and canals, moss-cutting equipment on canals, digging equipment channels, mechanical and electrical combination valves, deep valves, check valves, quick opening and closing valves;

9. Specialized construction equipment; equipment for lowering the water table; metal spraying equipment.

10. Building a pilot model; transfer scientific and technological research results on pumps, pumping stations and irrigation equipment in service of production according to the provisions of law.

11. To organize the compilation of processes, technical regulations, economic and technical norms standards for pumps, pumping stations and specialized irrigation equipment and submit them to competent authorities for promulgation.

12. Organizing production, business and import-export according to the assigned field.

13. Scientific and technological information by specialization

14. International cooperation on scientific research and technology transfer; domestic and foreign joint-ventures, joint ventures to conduct scientific research, technology transfer and training in the field of pumps, pumping stations and specialized irrigation equipment.

15. Participating in postgraduate training, associating undergraduate training, training in technical compensation in the field of pumps, pumping stations and irrigation equipment according to the provisions of law.


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