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The inclined axial flow pump HT2500-3

HT2500-3 pump is a kind of inclined axial flow pumps using 33kW motor suitable for the Mekong Delta;


The main parameters of the pump: Capacity Q = 2500 m3 / h, Total head H = 3 m, motor power N = 33 kW, pump efficiency reaches 75%;

Origin and author:

- HT2500-3 inclined axial flow pump completed on the basis of TLx-1 pump is the product of the research topic in the direction of:

- Expanding the working range of the pump compared to TLx-1, reaching parameters: Total head H = 3m , Capacity Q = 2500m3 / h , using a 33kW motor, Speed: 980vg / min.

- Completing the pump structure in the direction of dividing the structure into separate blocks, easy to disassemble, move easily, short, the pump casing is welded by thin steel sheets  at high intensity with thickness of 3mm-5mm with the force-bearing tendon.

Economic and technical efficiency:

This type of pump can also be applied to new construction stations because of the following advantages:

- Simple structure, easy to fabricate, install, operate and repair

- Cheap station works, both fixed and permanent, both in the field of battle.

It is the basis for upgrading of 3200 horizontal axial flow pumps using 33 kW  motor currently in the provinces of the Mekong Delta.

The 33 kW motor pump for the Mekong Delta is a axial flow pump with a low water column, suitable for drainning floodwater  in many delta regions of countries in the region such as Cambodia and Laos. In addition, this is also a suitable pump for flooding cities. Therefore, a 33 kW motor pump is also likely to be exported to countries in Southeast Asia.

HT2500-3 pumps, when installed to replace local self-made 33 kW motor pumps, will not have negative effects on the environment: Noise reduction due to better hydraulic mode. Compact structure, so when installing into the station, it will be more open, working environment for workers is more convenient.

Pump HT2500-3

Pump HT2500-3 at Vinh My 3 pumping station - An Giang

Pump HT2500-3 at Cay Ga pumping station, Mao - Ca Mau

Area of ​​application:

- Has been installed at some pumping stations such as Vinh My 3, Tan Vong - An Giang; Cua Ga, Bo Mao, Rach Bao - Ca Mau ....;

The result: Stable running pump, saving energy. Using the same 33kW motor but the new pump has 2.5 times the flow of the old pump (nearly 1000m3 / h compared to 2500m3 / h). The new pump does not have to be primed, while the old pump has to be primed.

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